Entrepreneurship-from theory to reality

On the last lesson of their course the students from Myanmar presented their business ideas, one after the other.

When I noticed that 2 of the students had the same business idea, regarding supply shop for agriculture materials in a rural area, I decided to make it interesting…

The 2 students (a boy and a girl) were asked to recruit 3 'consultants' from their friends to perform a 'boys' business group and a 'girls' business group.

Then they had a limited time to consult and prepare a short plan that will describe the efforts that they will make to promote their businesses in a competitive environment.

The point was that they do not know what their competitors are doing so they just have to "be better".

The students in the crowd were asked to vote which group made a better plan and also try to create an alternative plan to the 2 groups.

The brain storming was great and the students showed great involvement.

Group leader U Kyaw Kyaw did a great job translating and helping everyone with their plans.

Well done and good luck to the students. 


Submitted by Lewis Reyes (not verified) on Fri, 07/19/2019 - 00:21


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