Code Of Conduct 2016-2017

Dear students,
Here is a list of basic regulations that will assist you to complete the training program successfully and to achieve your goals:

1. Every student will be assigned to one group throughout the program.
2. In Each group will be assigned a group leader that will translate simultaneously from English.
3. Group leaders are the direct address for all needs, questions or problems.
4. School day begins at 08:00 and ends at 15:00
5. First session starts at 8:00 ends at 11:00. Second session starts at 12:00, ends at 15:00.
6. Lunch will be held from 11:00-12:00.
7. Students are expected to attend class and to complete all assignments.
8. class attendance is an individual student responsibility
9. Absence from school will be allowed only twice and only for a reasonable cause. It is student's responsibility to provide satisfactory evidence to the group leader to substantiate the reason for absence.
10. Use (talk, play, write etc.) of cellular phone during class is prohibited.
11. To receive a completion certificate, one must attain a minimum grade of 60% in each course.
12. Completion certificate with honor will be granted to students who achieved an average grade of 88 and above. Completion certificate with high honor will be granted to students who achieved an average grade of 95 and above.
13. School is located in Kmehin village. Students are limited to stay on school area only. It is prohibited to use any private equipment around wondering through the village. Electronic media 14. All students must attend school with a personal laptop computer. 15. All students must comply with local laws relating to copyright, security, and electronic media. 16. All students must make certain that their computer is secured against viruses, and other intrusions.
Transportation to school:
17. It is student responsibility to board the bus according to the schedule for his specific farm.
18. Proper behavior on the buses is obligatory. Students must comply to hygiene and safety rules and to traffic laws
19. No smoking on the bus.
Alcohol and smoking devices
20. Alcohol drunkenness is prohibited (regardless of age).
21. Possession, use, consumption, manufacture, sale or distribution of alcohol and/or smoking devices is prohibited.


22. All students are expected to keep the training program’s equipment and facilities, in classes or at any other place. At the Farm 23. All students must follow the farm procedures and regulation as presented by the farmer 24. All work procedures and regulation must follow the law and safety regulations. 25. Every farm has its own day work schedule – the student must follow it.
26. Taking day/days off from work must be coordinated with the farmer and must get his approval.
27. Students must inform their group leader if they plan to leave the area to travel for more than one day. 28. Any illness must be informed to the farmer as soon as possible. Ask the farmer for a Doctor's or clinic appointment. Inform your group leader and ask for assistance if there is some difficulty to communicate with farmer.
29. All equipment provided by the farmer will be returned when project ends in good condition. Selling or giving away farm equipment is not allowed.
30. Entering greenhouses or open fields for any reason without permission of the owner is considered as trespassing. 31. Taking any amount of fruit or vegetables from a farm without permission is prohibited.
32. We urge all students not to keep large amounts of cash in their rooms. Lost or stolen cash is rarely retrieved.
33. Any problem you encounter on the farm (work, money, social) please contact your group leader for advice.

Personal conduct and general information
34. All students are expected to behave politely. 35. All students must follow staff instructions.
36. A student shall not provide false or misleading information.
37. Hunting is prohibited by law in Israel. Killing, hurting or eating wild or house animals is against the law.
38. Your passport must be with you at all times (Excluding work time).
39. Weather in Ramat Negev is very dry and warm in summer, very cold during winter. Prepare suitable clothing in advance.

At the study center