Mr. Huynh Vu Linh 2017-2018

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Mr. Huynh Vu Linh 2017-2018
Mr. Huynh Vu Linh 2017-2018

After I completed my studies in Ramat Negev, I returned to Vietnam and planned to learn about building greenhouses in Dalat. But because the investment cost is so big, I don't do that project. After that time I gave up the idea of ​​opening a farm and interviewing for work. While waiting for the results of the interview, I thought, "I gave up nearly 1 year to study about Israeli Agriculture, a country that many people want to study without, such knowledge of agriculture and experience like that? "

Finally, I decided to build a greenhouse and set up a hydroponic vegetable farm in a clean and safe the ways. I’m cooperating with Mr. Hieu (Also, a Ramat Negev Graduate, who also trained with me at the Research and Development center. 

Our farm name: KAROTO FARM COMPANY LIMITEDCultivation method: Hydroponic and Irrigation drip system (Growing Maya cucumber and Laila cherry tomato)

Our Message to the students:

"If you have come to the country" Start-up country ", try to learn about their spirit, learn everything they have done. Always keep inspiring and passionate on ideas to one day do it "

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