Introducing students to entrepreneurship :

Chami Zemach is a highly appreciated teacher at Ramat Negev. He has been teaching the course “entrepreneurship”  for five years. “ for this semester, I already started the course with the group of Nepali students. The class is going quite well. Students are learning about entrepreneurship, the character of an entrepreneur, beneficial steps in establishing a Business, key points in the development of a Business, clients, consumer and costumer, Business risks. We also emphasize what is a Business idea, and the importance of the Business plan. When I ask my students to come up with an initial idea, they always use their creativity. I listen more carefully and give some suggestions and feedback directly to the students. I feel that teaching in this interactive way is the most effective way of teaching. I hope students will be able to write their specific high level of Business Plan at the end of the class And Apply their idea as they return home.”


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I think this is the best place to all beginners in entrepreneurship which lets every one to learn something new and tips for achieving success. I often refer edubirdie  blogs to get the best tips on my business expansion. I would like to attend this program.

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