A visit by the Intergovernmental Committee. October 22 2018

The state of Israel sends you it's blessings" Mr. Yakov Poleg- head of CINADCO, addressing our students today. 

We were excited to host A visit by the Intergovernmental Committee overseeing the training programs, this morning at our training center.
We enjoyed An interesting conversation about Development, Education, entrepreneurship and agriculture.
We thank the members of the committee:
Mr. Amos Arbel-director of the ministry of interior`s population registration and status department,
Mr. Yakov Poleg: head of CINADCO The Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation in the the Agriculture Ministry
Mr. Hanan Goder-Israel's ambassador to suoth sudan, ministry of forign affairs, and all the dignitaries who joined. 
Thank you for Letting us present our work, our achievements and our future goals.



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