Visiting Mandalay, Myanmar.

Meeting with Dr. Zaw Myint Maung, Chief Minister of Mandalay Region Government.

Along with the minister of Mandalay regional government, minister of regional security and border affairs, minister of agriculture, livestock and irrigation, minister of planning and finance, and the secretary of Mandalay Region government attended the meeting. Among issues, the friendship between two countries, economic situation, agriculture, investment, and cooperation were openly discussed.
And, In the presence of the Israeli ambassador to Myanmar H.E Mr. Ronen Gil-Or and Mayor of Ramat Negev, Mr. Eran Doron, Our Academic Advisor Prof. Avigad Vonshak and Our Director Mr. Alon Melchior: the launching of our Alumni Association in Myanmar, led by a dear and wonderful man, one we deeply appreciate and an inspiring group of graduates, striving for the promotion of agricultural knowledge



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