Ramat Negev Newsletter | April-May 2018

The Desert is blooming – even in this crazy spring whether of April and May. Its blooming with ideas, energy and good spirit of regeneration and creativity.

I believe that our students, that will start their journey back home start from June 14th,  will take back with them a part of that spirit.

We are in touch with our graduates and proud to hear about their success stories and about the contribution of our program in that.

This day we work on gathering this stories and preset them – so others can be inspired too.

We will be very happy reach new stories and to publish them. Your assistant that mission of reacing the graduates  will be a great contribution.      


On June 12th we will celebrate the closing of 2017-2018 program in a beautiful ceremony, with the students traditional performances and more.

Our partner and fried are more than invited (if you are in Israel…)  - so see you on June 12th , 9 am in Kibutz Revivim