Advanced computer skills

My course develops an intuitive sense of how computers work
and how they can be used to make your academic and business work more efficient.

In my classes, I use differentiated learning techniques, so that every student can acquire tools suitable for his personal level in of computer applications. I also try to combine theoretical knowledge with practice so that learning will be meaningful and interesting.

Jessica with students

Lesson 1:

  1. Basics: What is a computer, Components of Computer Systems, Daily Maintenance and Safety, Basic Computer and Windows Terms,
  2. Backing Up Your Computer

Lesson 2: 

  1. Operating Systems: Basics of Windows operating system, Opening and Saving Files, Creating and Renaming of files and folders
  • Status Bar , Start menu
  • Windows Setting: Control Panel, Wallpaper /Screen Savers.

Lesson 3:

  1. Internet: How Does the Internet Work, The Web Browser, Web Address ,Proper use and Safety.

Lesson 4: 

  1. improve your search skills


Lesson 5:

  1. Microsoft Office- Word Processing Basic:
  • Basic tasks in Word 2010,
  • Create a new document;
  • Open a document,
  • saving options,
  • Acquaint yourself with the ribbon,
  • Everyday tasks,
  • Tools on demand,
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Lesson 6:

  1. Tables
  2. Headers and Footers
  3. Printing options

Lesson 7: 

  1. Mid-term exercise : How to Write a CV?

Lesson 7: 

  1. Microsoft Office. Power point:
  • Open and Create a presentation,
  • Apply a theme
  • Saving options. 

Lesson 8:

  1. Insert a new slide,
  2. Add shapes to the slide,
  3. Smartartgraphics
  4. View options.
  5. Introduction to final project

Lesson 9 :

  1. Create slides
  2. format text,
  3.  Design, animate, review
  4. Headersand footers and slide numbers

Lesson 10: 

  1. Reviewing the final project.
  2. Creating Greeting cards with power point

Lesson 11: 

  1. Get to know the Workbook and Worksheet
  2. Entertexts numbers and dates

Lesson 12: 

  1. Create Charts, Insert a Formula
  2. Using basic functions