Farming of aquatic organisms is generally called Aquaculture (or: Mariculture for Marine organisms). In this Aquaculture course we will learn about various methods of farming aquatic organisms. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods and how does one determine which method to use.

One of the most important issues in Aquaculture is to maintain high water quality in the body of water where the organisms are cultivated.

We will learn what are the major parameters to asses water quality, how they are measured and what is the impact of these parameters on the cultivated organism. In a laboratory session, we will practice measurement of water quality parameters and discuss synergetic effects among the various parameters.


Lesson 1: Fish Farming Methods

Lesson 2: Water Quality in Earthen Ponds

Lesson 3: Fish feeding, Economy of Fish farming, RAS systems

Lesson 4: Lab and exam.


Evyatar during Lab Lesson