This course is a practical introduction to the business world.

The students acknowledge basic tools for understanding the challenges and procedures facing the entrepreneur in his way to build a successful business anywhere in the world.

The course is led by an experienced instructor and multidisciplinary entrepreneur, who focuses on personal development of the students by using case analysis, formulating business ideas, and experiencing in solving business problems in developing economies.

The lecturer gives huge emphasis on cases of family businesses and small private businesses that play major role in today's world.

Each student is required to initiate and present a business idea and at the end of the course to prepare a business plan


Chami with students

Lesson 1:

  1. The entrepreneur, the business idea and the family business
  2. Who is the entrepreneur and what does it mean to be a business person?

Lesson 2:

  1. The business idea and the decision to open a business
  2.  how do we know if will be successful? 
  3. The family business and the development of the business: how can we bring an added value to the family business?

Lesson 3:

  1. The business plan and the market
  2. The market – What are the forces that motivate it and who sets the price?

Lesson 4:

  1. The business plan is the road map for our business.
  2. What are the questions we should ask and what are our goals?

Lesson 5:

  1. An introduction to the farming business
  2. The unique specifications of the agricultural business: Risks, Labor and financing.

Lesson 6:

  1. Understanding how it works - The cash flow of the agricultural business, the actual expanses and the overhead.

Lesson 7:

  1. First steps in marketing
  2. The marketing plan: Understanding the characteristics of our products and services.
  3. How can we mix all our marketing efforts in order to have a successful business?
  4. final exam.