Poultry Management

This is a basic course for poultry production. This short course reveals to the student the vast world of poultry production and science. As well as the big progress that has been dune facing the challenge of feeding the world with high quality and yet cheap protein .
The aim of the course is the understanding of the importance of poultry industry in the world, acquiring the basic knowledge on poultry genetics and breeds. Getting management tools for growing pullets and layers for table, egg production and broilers for meat production. Understanding the importance of bio-security in animals farm and how to implement it.


I believe that the poultry industry is one of the important industries in  agricultureת providing high quality proteins for the growing population.


Lesson 1:

  1. introduction to poultry management
  2. poultry breeds
  3. breeding layer flocks

Lesson 2:

pullet /layers management: biosecurity

  1. the importance of house layout
  2. the causes for cannibalism
  3. beak trimming
  4. lighting management

Lesson 3:

  1. brooding management: the critical period/ the first 48 hours
  2. building performance
  3. environmental factors to consider when brooding chicks
  4. thermoneutral zone

Lesson 4: Field Trip