RNIT center Curriculum


Division of Plant Sciences:

  Plant Breeding Soil, Water, and Fertilizers
  Avner Levy, Ph.D. Plant Sciences Natalie De Falco, Ph.D. Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology
  Plant protection   Post-Harvest
  Mihal Blaschkauer,Ph.D. candidate, Ben- Gurion University 
Maya Toren, MSc Agronomy
  Organic Agriculture New technologies in Agriculture
  Maya Toren, MSc Agronomy
Or Shemer, MSc Agronomy
  Methods in modern horticulture Plant physiology
  Anat Shahaf B.Agr
Mihal Blaschkauer,Ph.D. candidate, Ben- Gurion University



Livestock development and Animal Science:

  Poultry Management Aquaculture
  Ilan Arye, MSc Life Sciences
Evyatar Snir ,MSc Life Sciences
  Dairy farm management  
  Einat Shavit, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine  

Management and General courses: 

  Entrepreneurship Introduction to Israel
  Boaz Dreyer, MSc Business Iris Barazani, MSs Geography
Boaz Dreyer, MSs Business
  Advanced computer skills Safety in agriculture
  Jessica Pearlman, B.A
Elisha Zurgil, MSc Agronomy
  Agricultural Accounting   
  Becky Vider, certified tax consultant