May Van Tho 2016-2017

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May Van Tho 2016-2017
May Van Tho 2016-2017

Having a strong passion for agriculture for many years, since he was still a student in Vietnam Forestry University, Mr. May Van Tho decided to go to Israel to find a way make his dream come true. In 2016-2017, he joined the Internship program at Ramat Negev. In this “Promised land” he tried his best to study and to plan for his future. After going back to Vietnam, he understood that he needs to further improve his knowledge of agriculture, especially his management skills in order to apply the knowledge that he acquired from Israel. Therefore, before building his own farm he worked in some specialized companies and gained experience.

From the beginning of 2019, he started to sketch out his Plan. Since June 2019 he built his own farm which has an area of 2000 square meters. Growing many crops, such as tomato, cucumber, melon, strawberry, bell pepper and grapes using organic hydroponic systems and supplying products for markets around the city. Yet, this is just the foundation for his dream, since His goal for the coming years is increasing the acreage of farm to 2 – 5 hectares and supplying his products to not only the market but chain store, supermarket, and hypermarket.


With our Director, Mr. Alon    At his farm  May Van Tho 2016-2017


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