Nguyen Bich Thao 2015-2016

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Nguyen Bich Thao 2015-2016

My name: Nguyen Bich Thao

I come from: Viet Nam

I graduated the Ramat Negev Training at: 2015/2016 As a group Leader

During my stay in Ramat Negev I...

During the time I worked in RNIT, Dr. Avner Levy, Ph.D, has helped me to launch the experiments for my final thesis in the university.
It was the winter time and I had to monitor the soil temperature in tomato greenhouse at 4:00-5:00 am.
It was so cold but I finally finished my experiments and reported for the thesis defending in late June 2016.

I had the chance to meet the lecturers in the training program in Ramat Negev who come from Ben Gurion University and they helped apply to a Master degree 
It is important to understand the advisors  who will guide you and their works also.
You should only apply when you understand their research interest and the relevant topics to your background.
If you carefully searched for the information before you apply, everything else will be more easier for you.

Today I...

now I am a student at Ben Gurion University of the Negev,
Israel for the Master degree in Desert Studies specializing in Irrigation and Plant Environment. I graduated from Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) 2011-2016 with B.Sc in Biotechnology

My message to future student is: 
Practice makes perfect. You only make your dream come true when you are ready and prepared for it.

In my opinion, being here to learn and study is a great opportunity in my life. I study and live in the campus with many other international and local students.
The professors are devoted researchers with the great persistence.
Israel is leading in the global
 agriculture thanks to people like them. Everyone seriously focuses on their work.


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