Pyae Phyo Kyaw 2016-2017

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Pyae Phyo Kyaw 2016-2017
Pyae Phyo Kyaw 2016-2017

My name is Pyae Phyo Kyaw.

I come from an agricultural family and graduated from Yezin Agricultural University.
Last year, I joined in the Ramat Negev International Training (RNIT) Program for advanced agriculture in Israel. 
By studying at the RNIT program, I got many experiences and knowledge that is very good to give the better suggestion for our farmers and it is really effective due to both lectures in classes and practicing at the farms.
Besides, E-learning website of this program is also applicable and very useful.
I got the most valuable knowledge of living standard against the adverse climatic conditions, foods and society and also learned very much about the Israeli farmers’ working styles, how they manage the precious time, evaluate to be the best in work and take care of the community.
These all support me to apply in real life. The motto I heard in the class “Plan your work, work your plan” makes me to start my dream when I go back to Myanmar. Now, two of my friends and I have implemented a new company in the name of “Naing Agri-tech Research and Development Co.Ltd”.
The aims of our company are to produce high yielding varieties, to share agricultural knowledge and to do the agricultural research.

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