Business idea in the making
Entrepreneurship-from theory to reality
On the last lesson of their course the students from Myanmar presented their business ideas
A visit of the intergovernmental committee
visit of the intergovernmental committee
On Sunday, 26.11.2017, the intergovernmental committee, overseeing the training program, Visited Ramat-Negev
"Hands-on" Plant protection
An extraordinary day for students, with Reut Shavit PH.d, teaching "Plant Protection"
Using the microscope to observe
Postharvest Lab lesson with Maya Toren Ms.C
At the Lab we learned and observed some of the molds that infect fruits after harvest.
meeting at the research center
A visit of Mr. Aung Kyi Soe
A visit of Mr. Aung Kyi Soe, Secretary General of the Republic of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).
At the study fair
Study fair at Ben-Gurion University
students, who recently arrived from Nong Lam University in Vietnam, attended a study fair held by the overseas student program at BGU.
Mr.Zonshine greeting the students
Greeting new students by His Excellency, Mr. Daniel Zonshine
His Excellency, Mr. Daniel Zonshine, Isaeli  Ambassador in Yangon, met with new students at the Myanmar Paddy producers association
Myanmar performance
Graduation 2016-2017
With joy and excitement, on June 13, 2017, we celebrated the graduation ceremony for all the groups.
Farewell to the class of 2016-2017
With the arrival of the hot desert summer, the school year ends and the students start flying back to their homelands.
With Myanmar officials
preliminary Visit to Nepal and Myanmar
Our project manager, Alon Melchior, visited Nepal and Myanmar lately, to interview potential  students for the coming program of 2017-2018. The candid